Friday, October 20, 2006


Hi - Welcome to TakeTake

Do you want free broadband? Or just broadband at all? So do I!

With TakeTake, you sometimes get:Up to 8 Meg 1 (8 Megabits per second) Broadband - very handy when you want to email TakeTake to tell them you're broadband isn't working AGAIN.

An enormous 40GB monthly usage allowance - "use" is an interesting term. I feel TakeTake have been using me for months, taking money from me and not supplying the service they promised.

Easy installation with TakeTake's recommended modem - Yup - we spent 70 quid buying a new one because it was so crap.

Unlimited number of calls between all customers on the TakeTake network for up to 3 hours per call at no extra cost - This is great, but unfortunately, we're sooooo tied up with dial up that we don't get to use the landline for phone callst that often.

We'll handle your monthly line rental instead of BT, at exactly the same price - gee, thanks.

Includes voicemail - this is useful for when TakeTake leave messages 3 years after you called them with a problem, even though you said that they should call you on the mobile because you may be at work or on dialup.

All your home communication charges on a single bill - which they charge you for - get it delivered to you online!

A BT line is required. Service is sometimes available to most existing broadband users...I recommend you stay with your existing provider.

Our challenge: Your phone bill will be cheaper with us than BT, or we'll give you £1,000 - our challenge - to drive you insane by not providing you with broadband and get you to spend £1000 on therapy